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Although many ways to do business exist, we have adopted the industry standard practices that protect both consumer and contractor. It is our goal to provide the highest quality service for all of our clients and do so by exercising sound judgment and fairness all of the time.


It is our policy to only begin any work when an initial payment has been made. Once the project has been completed, the final payment becomes due. Once it is received, we release the project to the custody of our client.

Work & Payment Terms

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are pretty industry standard. We require 25% initial payment to begin any work and remaining 75% upon completion / delivery / upload to your server.

Is a contract or formal agreement required to do business?

No. A contract is not required to do business with our company. However, we would be more than happy to engage/execute one – if needed.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our business and the type of services we provide, we do not offer refunds. The step-by-step process of our work provides our clients with the ability to approve the work as it’s going along. Since 2011 we have not had any difficult clients or any problems that would warrant a refund. Please see our ‘Standing Ovations’ to read some of our rave reviews.

What does the ‘AWOL’ clause in your agreements actually mean? If I abandon the project what does that mean for me?

In our business, there are sometimes clients that may end up facing financial difficulty or no longer have an interest in the project that they were once so passionate about. Although, this is very rare, if a client abandons a project, it hurts our business. As a result, we have implanted policies to protect us as much as possible. Below is the actual clause that would be included in our agreements:

Consultant has adopted an “AWOL” (Absence without leave) which is defined as the Client taking time away from focusing on the project and the required ongoing attention to update approvals. Consultant has reserved work time & resources in order to develop the Client’s project and delays not related to the ongoing work causes internal time constraints and financial losses.
Any AWOL time period of 90 days or greater will be considered ‘Abandoned’ and no further development work is required to be performed by the Consultant any all / any deposits are forfeited. Continuation of any work is at the sole discretion of the Consultant.

What is your policy if a project is terminated once it has been started?

Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving 30 days written notice to the other of such termination. In the event that Work is postponed or terminated at the request of the Client, Consultant shall have the right to bill pro rate for work completed through the date of that request, while reserving all rights under this Agreement. If additional payment is due, this shall be payable within thirty days of the Client's written notification to stop work. In the event of termination, the Client shall also pay any expenses incurred by Consultant and the Consultant shall own all rights to the Work. The Client shall assume responsibility for all collection of legal fees necessitated by default in payment. The Client and Consultant are independent parties and nothing in this Agreement shall constitute either party as the employer, principal or partner of or joint venture with the other party. Neither the Client nor Consultant has any authority to assume or create any obligation or liability, either express or implied, on behalf of the other.

How do you quote or estimate a project?

When we do a cost and work analysis for a project it is done by estimating the amount of work hours that we anticipate would take to successfully complete the project. We multiply the estimated hours by our hourly rate of $7 USD.

This primarily is based on ‘Fixed Cost’ projects.

What is a ‘Fixed Cost’ Project?

A fixed cost project is where we estimate the amount of work hours that we anticipate will be require to complete your project. Typically, this is more of a benefit to a client because it not as strict as a straight hourly charge. However, fixed cost projects sometimes are risky for us the web developer.

What if we start a Fixed Cost project and then I realize that I want to add another feature or function?

A fixed cost project is estimated and accepted based strictly on the original project listed requirements. If a client asks for additional work, we will quote the work before performing it so that we insure clarity for both sides.Please see our policy here:
Changes in client input or direction beyond the initial phase or excessive changes will be charged at $7 per hour for Design or Programming work. Any work the Client wishes Consultant to create, which is not specified in the DESCRIPTION section of this agreement, or in the attached Proposal will be considered an additional service. Such Work shall require a separate Agreement and payment separate from and above that specified in this Agreement.
Additional materials such as Stock Photography images, Unique Fonts, and any open source software not covered within the original scope of the project that will require purchase- will be incurred by the Client. Consultant will always advise Client in writing- of any expenses that are not part of the original project scope agreement so that Client can make an informed decision before 'purchasing' any additional materials.

What is your Warranty and Support Policy?

The following is our Warranty and Support Policy:
Upon final delivery / completion of the project, Consultant agrees to provide Client with (3) months / 90 days of a warranty period where all features & functions are guaranteed to perform as initially required. Any technical issues that may arise will be diagnosed and resolved by the Consultant at no additional charge.
Consultant also agrees to provide Client with Technical Support for the same period of warranty. "Technical support" refers to a response to a support request, verbal and/or written communication, whether by phone or other electronic means, given by Centillion Software for the purpose of assisting with the needs of authorized representatives explicitly within the scope of the website design, appearance, function, and use.

What is your Assignment Policy?

Depending on the type of project and its complexity, size, scope, and overall requirements – we may work with our development teams on it. We do reserve the right to assign other designers or subcontractors to the Work to ensure quality and on-time completion.

What is your policy on 'Due Dates' and completion times?

We agree to deliver samples of design on dates as agreed upon in the Proposal. Consultant will make every effort to meet agreed upon due dates. The Client should be aware that failure to submit required information, materials, or give approvals to ongoing updates in a timely manner may cause subsequent delays in the production. Client delays could result in significant delays in delivery of finished work. Consultant will work on Client's project until completion and based on work days Monday-Friday and not weekends.

When the project is completed, do we retain complete ownership of the files and the work?

Yes, you will retain 100% ownership of the complete project and its files. We retain nothing.

Technical Question

What server hosting company is the most reliable? Which one should I use?

We always suggest using Host Gator because it’s a reliable and stable. Specifically the Linux platform.

I have always used Godaddy for my hosting. Should I switch?

Most developers will tell you that Godaddy is not good with a lot of different software. For one reason or another, users experience compatibility issues. We recommend Host Gator.

What types of image files should we send you or use with our web site or advertisement artwork?

We suggest that you use high resolution quality images for the best possible visual results. Your images should be PSD, Jpeg, or PNG in 300 DPI resolution. If text content will be sent, you can send it as a Word Document.

What determines the speed it takes our website to load?

Load times are greatly affected by the amount of images and content a site may have. It is best practice to keep your site optimized without overloading with content

I had another web developer go in the back end of the site to make a basic change in the code. Does this void the ongoing support period?

Yes, if you or another party has altered any of our code or settings you may have jeopardized the functions of your site and we are not responsible for fixing or undoing any of that damage. However, you will be charged a diagnostic fee plus ongoing work fees.

General Question

What are your hours of operation?

Our work hours are 24 hours a day :) 7 weeks a day :)

What is the first step in the process?

We have made our processes simple and straightforward. We have simplified it down to a science. Once we have received the initial payment for your project, we take all of the information that you have given us and use it to create the initial mockup design (look and feel). Once the initial mock up design has been approved, we move to begin the coding phase of the project.You will have the opportunity to approve the work at every step.

How can I get in touch with the designer/programmer handling my project? What is the best way?

In order to maintain the highest levels of quality and customer service, we have a full-time work desk where all emails are received, routed, and answered- faster than you can send a text on your phone.

How do you communicate with clients while a project is being developed?

The best way to communicate about a current project is via email, notable app, or Skype chat. We accept changes or input via phone.

How long are your proposals good for?

Any proposal issued by our company will be honored for 30 days from the time of issue.

Do you provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services?

No, we don't provide SEO services.

Can you develop the mobile version of my website so that it is better visible on phones and mobile devices?

Yes, we do provide mobile web development and it is a separate service. Please inquiry about pricing with your account manager.

Do you develop custom mobile applications for smart phones? ( iPhone, android, etc)

Yes, we do provide custom mobile application development and it is a separate service. Please inquiry about pricing with your account manager.

Do you provide quality photo images for client projects?

Due to the high costs of stock photography images, we do not provide images of any kind (depending on conditions).